Our History


Mid 1800's

The earliest records were dated back from the late 1800's. Originally, Maxwell's Furniture Restoration was a storage warehouse in New York City. The name of the company was Standard Storage Warehouses located on 53rd Street and Broadway.



Late 1800's

A few years later, Standard Storage Warehouses changed from being a company for only storage to a company that included storing furniture and moving furniture. This resulted in the change of the company's name to Colonial Moving & Storage and the relocation to 464 Amsterdam Ave., NYC.

Early 1900's

Colonial Moving & Storage was later relocated from New York to New Jersey. The company's name became Westfield Moving & Storage and its new home was on the corner of Prospect Street and North Ave in Westfield. This was also the time that A.R. Maxwell started to buy, sell and restore furniture.




The Maxwell Family broke ground on land that was purchased in 1925 to build a row of shops. The land was located in Mountainside and the shops will later become what you see today on the corner of New Providence Road and Mountain Ave.


Once the final stages of construction were completed, Westfield Moving & Storage moved from its home in Westfield to the newly constructed shop in Mountainside.



1930- Present Day

During this time period Maxwell's evolved from a moving & storage company to strictly a furniture restoration, buying and selling shop.

Abram Ryman Maxwell



Donald Gerald Maxwell



Donald Robert Maxwell



Donald John Maxwell


Donald Lawrence Maxwell & Kaitlyn Ann Maxwell